Sunday, June 17, 2007

Two are better than one

Yesterday I went to Waimate, a small town of around 3000 or so people, which is around 30 minutes' drive north of where I live. I had been invited to attend the patchwork and quilting club's regular Saturday meeting. This is a day when the group sit around and talk and sew, and can also bring things to sell, so I took along fabric and went for a couple of hours. They are a small informal group, which I like, so I joined up as well.The president had asked me to take some samples of the quilts that I taught so they could decide which class they might want me to teach, so i took a couple of wallhangings.

However, rather than pick one of those, they were keen to learn how to make reversible quilts. The photo shows the one that I donated to the Opera house renovation last year. The other large one I made was all in black and white, and was a gift for my daughter's boyfriend. So I have none on hand that I can use for a class.

As a result, I came home quite inspired to make a new reversible quilt sample that I can turn into a class. Watch this space.
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