Saturday, June 30, 2007

Of no particular significance...

I found a lovely scarf/shawl pattern in the latest edition of Knitty which I decided to make in this combination of eyelash and half wool. It's not blocked so you can't really see the lace pattern at this stage. It's easy to knit so it's the current project to do while watching TV.

And I don't often post photos of my Manx cats, as they live in the bedroom part of the house. Poodles chase anything that runs, so it makes homelife much calmer for me to keep the cats and dogs apart which I do with a kiddiegate. The cats sleep on my bed which I cover with a piece of fake fur to stop from getting cat fur all over my pillows and up my nose. Grizabella (left) is longhaired so sheds wisps all over the place. Seven (right) is short-haired and also a ginger female which is unusual.

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