Friday, June 29, 2007

Little Black Bag

I don't own a Little Black Dress, but now I do have a Little Black Bag.

This is the other thing I made at the felting class on Monday. It's made all in one piece using bubblewrap as a "resist" between 2 layers of wool. When it's felted to a certain level, you can cut a piece off and voila! A seamless bag.

Like all things when you're just learning, it's not perfect. Some of the decoration didn't felt on well and I have had to needlefelt it on with my embellisher, breaking several needles as I went due to the thickness of the felt.

Oh well, that's what learning is all about. If you never try anything for fear of making a mistake, how do you ever get to learn?

That's my philosophy for a lot of things in life. Some of the most important things I've learned have come about through making mistakes.


Caitlin O'Connor said...


Annica said...

Looks great! I think you should get a black little dress to go with it :-).

joyce said...

It's so cute. I agree that you need a little black dress now even if it's just to display the bag with. Lol.

Bird on a wire said...

It's great just the sort of bag I could do with.
And I so agree by learning from mistakes. Most of my learning comes from down this route these days (grin)