Saturday, June 09, 2007

Indulging myself.....slightly

I LOVE icecream...but unfortunately, it's not green and healthy and fatfree. So in order to be able to indulge my love, I have taken to buying these wee containers of it.

You may not be able to see but this is Hokey Pokey, the iconic Kiwi flavour. It's a 100ml tub, which is less than 4 oz for overseas readers.

And to raise the artisitc tone of this post, I've photographed it sitting on a quilt. Yes, I HAVE been known to applique with blanket stitch. In the old days. Note the hand dyed background.


Lorraine said...

I still love to do the blanket stitch because it is so rythmic and soothing. The background fabric and great florals certainly spice up the blanket stitch. Pretty!

Donald said...

Love the background in relation to the quilting

Ali Honey said...

You have it sussed. It is no more fattening than many things; it is the quantity one eats of it that matters!