Sunday, June 17, 2007

Square Inside a Square

A very simple block, but visually appealing if you have sufficient contrast between light and dark, or between colours.

This is done in a mix of browns, burgundys and reds. It's browner in real life than it looks in the photo. And yes, those ARE commercial fabrics! I've done this side of the quilt from my leftover commercial stash, as that's what my class will be using. On the other side, I'll use my hand dyes.

The blocks need to be very simple so we can complete enough blocks in the 1 day class to enable us to sandwich at least some blocks, quilt them simply, then add sashing and border(s) using the reversible technique.

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Janet said...

For whatever reason, when you do a new entry, it never shows up on my google reader! I LOVE this quilt, and adore the squares within the squares!