Tuesday, October 10, 2006


I just had to share these photos of my new cellphone. I don't actually talk on cellphones much, I mainly use them for texting. The old one (lower left photo) went through a full wash and dry cycle a few months back, and for some unknown reason, wasn't totally happy with it. Neither was I, as its edges made pockmarks all through my new drier.

After switching itself off twice yesterday, losing its settings as it did, I decided it was time to bite the bullet and upgrade. The little blue Sagem is such a dinky girly phone. You can see how small it is compared to my (small sized) hand. Ain't technology wonderful? Posted by Picasa


Janet said...

Nice new phone! I love texting, too, hate talking.

brdhsbldr said...

Now I feel totally technologically challenged. I don't know if my rather old cell phone even will text.
I keep it turned off in my purse and only use it to call out. "Did you need more Pepsi, Dear?"
I "fuel" it with pre-paid cards - no big surprises at the end of the month.