Tuesday, October 24, 2006

International Round Robin

I'm taking part in a small but international round robin through the surfacing email list. I received my first piece of half-yard fabric from Wil in Holland, which was dyed in light blue and green.. Here's what I did to it: First step was to stretch it onto a plastic surface. Then I stencilled a leaf design (cut from cardboard) and also painted some other designs using corn dextrin as a resist. As it dries, it pulls the fabric in so I didn't paint it too much. In this photo it's still wet.
When the resist dried, I painted the centres of the circles and the inside leaves with thickened turquoise dye. I also later put some random turquoise brush strokes on plain parts of the fabric.
Then I covered the whole piece with a wash of Brilliant Blue. The fabric cannot be immersed to overdye it as the corn dextrin is water soluable. I only discovered that after painting it on - I haven't used it before! In the last photo, it's been washed and dried and ironed. The effect is quite subtle, though you can clearly see what I've done.

Now to package it off to Von, who is next on the list. Posted by Picasa


Maureen said...

How's about mailing it to "me" in Qld,instead of the next on your list?
LOVE the colours Shirley!

DubiQuilts said...

I like what you did with the leaves and circles. The brilliant blue wash changed the whole look.

marion said...

Nice work

MargaretR said...

Very subtle.

Jan Stewart said...

Hi Shirley, I have used a cereal resist & found that Permaset paints - heat set used for screen printing were easier to control& very effective. These are Australian. Jan in Aus

emmyschoonbeek said...

wonderful work