Saturday, October 07, 2006

Moon and Mirror Magic

A full moon last night - this is the best my camera can do in capturing moonlight on the sea.
And here's my original design "Monet's Hexagons" (patterns available) reflected in the mirror on the hot water cupboard. You can also see, in the lower right hand corner, my crocheted Psychotic Tomato. No, really! That's an eyeball on the front of it. Every home should have one. Posted by Picasa


Maureen said...

The full moon got me last night too!
I posted on

Then an hour later I was trying to photgraph Bandicoots on the back lawn!

Maureen said...

ps. The monet hexagons look GOOD!!

deb said...

It was magic moon time here in GA too. I also tried to make my camera do things it wasn't intended to - unless someday I read the manual.

We are having our own marsupial problem - a 'possum keeps coming in the cat door in the night for their food. The cats have taken to perching anywhere they can to be out of it's reach.

Janet said...

I tried for a shot of it last night, and it didn't come out so well...but the one I took on Thursday night came out pretty good. Go figure!

DubiQuilts said...

Full moon all over. I tried for a photo and I deleted it.

I love the hexagons quilt.

The tomato and eye is a blast.

Deb R said...

I tried to take some moon photos last night too, but I was too lazy to drag out the tripod and set it up, so I doubt they came out. I haven't pulled them up to check yet!

emmyschoonbeek said...

A wonderful full moon and a lovely monet hexagon