Sunday, April 09, 2006

Lazy Sunday

I've had a completely uncrafty weekend. My quilting friend Ruth came to stay for her older daughter's wedding which was being held in Oamaru. I had Ruth, the bride-to-be Amanda, younger sister Emma and Emma's boyfriend Chris in my little cottage, along with the dogs of course. When we also had 2 photographers and Amanda's father in the house for a while, the dogs stayed outside as it was tooooooo crowded.

Amanda is the designer of my dyeing2design website. It is screaming out for updating, but I am having major problems with my editing software, partly through lack of virtual memory and partly as I suspect some setting in my computer (but which one?) was changed when I had a Trojan Horse attack in February. I've decided to bite the bullet and buy another computer with more capacity, in the hope that when I transfer the programme across, I'll leaeve the problem behind. When I finally get to have my shop in the Historic Precinct (no date on this, depends on how much money the Trust who owns the building has for renovating it), I'll use this machine in the shop.

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