Sunday, April 16, 2006

A complete lack of self control

I had NO intention of dyeing any wool today, but there were several balls lying around that I inherited with my dye business, in multicoloured pinks, white, blue, mauve etc. They sat on the floor and just begged me to do something more interesting with them so I did. The left hand skein with red in it was the last grey one that I didn't dye yesterday - I didn't want to waste the leftover purple dye so I mixed up some red and used it all on this skein.

As before, the colours are much nicer in real life than I can show in the photo, and all the subtleties of blended shades show up more as the yarn dries. However, I have now run out of white vinegar so there will be no more dyeing for a few days.


Anonymous said...

mShirley...they look great. Sure beats boiling up flax flowers.
Lyn in Thames

c51 said...

I use glacial acid [I think that's the correct string] but then again I have sooooooooo much of it I probably will never run out. It's very strong and you don't need much to make it all work. However it can freeze, even in Auckland it will freeze mid winter!

The stuff I dyed overnight turned out gorgeous and it's all dry as well even though I was out most this arvo and not home to fluff it etc.

nothing dyeing overnight tonight but that's OK I may get some more done tomorrow morning before I hit the family do.

I will try and get some photos of my latest onto my blogspot :-) soooooooooon.