Sunday, August 14, 2011

Traveller's Blanket back

After dyeing, washing and ironing the flannel for the back, I had a horrible realisation - my top fabric had stretched widthwise when I ironed it, and my backing flannel had shrunk 5% during the very hot wash after dyeing.  Result : 2 pieces of fabric that started out more or less the same size, but ended up with the top longer and wider.  Aaaaargh!

Fortunately, I had bought extra flannel, so I dyed that with a mixture of the 3 parts special mix red and 2 parts chocolate brown.  This came out a lovely rich colour and I liked it better than the nutmeg, which has been consigned to the middle of the Blanket.

This is what the top and back look like, and I've placed the embroidery threads on them so you can see how they look together.  There will be other threads, but these will form the base for the embroidery.
I'm really pleased with the colours - I wanted them to be rich and glowing, and I want the Blanket to be a sumptuous and voluptuous textile piece.  Tonight, I've pieced the flannel to fit the top, and pinned it all together, with the aim of starting embroidering tomorrow.


Nancy J said...

Sumptuous!!! Voluptuous!!! the words describe it so well.I can see the threads will go on this in a beautiful display of colour together. Tomorrow will pack a traveller's blanket or 3 when we hope to get to Wgn airport to meet Mayumi.Needed some today as we left the airport and just came through the gorge before the snow fell,Happy travelling!!Cheers from Jean

Fran├žoise said...

Beautiful! I'm looking forward to seeing the embroidery now.

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