Monday, August 29, 2011

The continuing story..

The Traveller's Blanket is my main creative outlet at present, apart from knitting which is always on the go.  Perhaps I'll show some of that next time.  For now, I've been concentrating on the embroidery as I have a lot on my mind and hand stitching is very soothing. 

The large one I wasn't happy with in the last post has been added to, and I like it better now.

And here are 4 new ones. 


Donald said...

I love the luminosity evident in these Shirley. Nicely done!



Nancy J said...

The threads compliment the red so well.How large will it be when finished?I can see that your talent and skill with the designs show so well. Cheers from Jean

essay writing service said...

Thanks for the article. Very interesting.

quilter501 said...

It seems that each circle has a "freer design." Perhaps you are worrying about the outcome less and just letting your own creative juices flow. It is lovely.

I have been bogged down on beginning because I wanted it to symbolize parts of my life. I think I need to just stitch and add patches and enjoy its beauty...perhaps at this point in my life, that is what I need most.

Carrolyn, Newport, WA

indigocarole said...

Hi Shirley. I wish you'd post the photos to the Yahoo group as well, though luckily I follow your blog anyway ( small world, textiles! ) These are fabulous with the white glowing behind the stitching. I feel another blanket coming on.

The Idaho Beauty said...

These are all great but I particularly like that last one.

maree said...

I'm loving seeing your progress on this Shirley and was captured by the story of the Travellers Blanket having embarked on a bit of a journey myself this year. However my embroidery skills are nowhere near up to your incredible standards so whilst I would love to have a blanket to tell my tale I don't know how I would achieve it so will just be envious of watching your journey! Ciao

Melisa Marzett said...

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