Sunday, August 21, 2011

More embroidery

The irregular shapes of some of the circles make the embroidery rather challenging - I have to decide whether to treat the shape as essentially a circle, or whether to embroider in line with the white areas.

Mostly, I have tried to keep a circular design.  I'm not sure that this large double circle above has come out very well.  Perhaps I'll come back to this later if I get some inspiration.

This smaller circle works better, although it has irregular features.  I can't find my box of embroidery cottons, so today I bought 20 more so I can get some more colours onto this.  Hopefully, the silks should arrive soon.


Fran├žoise said...

Lovely! I think the first one looks good too. Maybe it needs a little more work inside the first white circle.

Doespins said...

The light and dark shading on your background fabric really makes your work glow, like a light shining behind. Lovely.

Nancy J said...

I so like the way the embroidery threads just seem to float out to the outer white edge, and it is gentle.Also not too much, so the threads do not overtake the colour of the blanket.Happy travelling!!Cheers from Jean

Ali Honey said...

I think you're having fun!

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