Wednesday, December 08, 2010

A thousand thank yous

A heart top donated by a local quilter.
Another heart top in florals by Jill Haines.
A completed quilt kindly donated by Mrs Pratt of Masterton, as is the one below as well.
I hope no-one is offended by not receiving a personal thank you. Many of you have sent me your email or blog addresses, but with between 200 to 350 hearts arriving each day, it is simply not possible for me to acknowledge individual donations.

Please acccept this as a thank you for your contribution.

I have received almost 2000 hearts so far. Around 600 of these are being made into quilts at present; the rest I am sorting into colours and childrens/adults piles to be available for the next volunteers to start work on. Completed quilts received now total 17; and there are 18 uncompleted tops. I know there are more on the way.

This has turned into a huge task, and I am trying to not get overwhelmed by it. I have removed the self-imposed "get all the children's quilts to them by Christmas" and will simply work away at trying to co-ordinate the making of as many quilts as possible. I will be personally donating 3 quilts - the first is completed, the second is being quilted.

Please also be assured that there will not be "too many". Any hearts or tops or quilts that are not able to be used for this project will be used to provide comfort for another deserving cause.

Thank you all.


HawkLady said...

AM so GLAD you are receiving enough blocks. I sent and my son had put your plea up on his blog. Sounds like tis time to take it off...BLESS you and all the miners family's.
Linda Manley USA

Roseanne said...

well I enjoyed making the hearts with my daughter if you need any more at any time I will make more.

Mary in Oregon said...

Shirley, it's wonderful to see what you've gotten! I agree, this could be overwhelming so do what you can. You have your own life as well. Go at a pace that works for you. :-) It's a beautiful thing you are doing with the help of so many. All the quilts are absolutely gorgeous! The family's will feel the love pouring towards them.
Mary in Oregon, USA