Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Going retro

When I was younger, aprons were something that my mother and grandmother wore. I wouldn't be seen dead in them. However, like knitting, aprons have enjoyed a resurgence in popularity. After taking up dyeing, I found aprons useful to prevent splattering myself in dye. Also, now that I make most of my own bread, I wear an apron to avoid covering myself in flour.

At present, I'm feeling rather quilted out, so I decided to make myself another apron. Being determined to not buy any more fabric, I rummaged in my non-quilting fabric bags and came up with this hemp. For those more acquainted with hemp's negative side, it makes a beautiful crisp neutral fabric that's mainly used here for curtains. Expensive curtains, I might add. It's an unusual fabric, like an openweave linen, so I matched it with a neutral linen for the pocket and straps.

I have some much lighter cotton that has a lovely retro 50s look, and I'm thinking of making a frilly apron with that - maybe as a gift. Aprons are (generally) quick and easy to make, and satisfy the creative urge.


Julie said...

Looks good Shirley :)

delphi7 said...

I never wore aprons before the last couple of years and then I found several at a yard sale made from terry cloth towels like the ones that were popular in the 70's. I started collecting vintage aprons whenever I could find them.