Saturday, December 04, 2010

A big thank you.. everyone who has donated hearts and quilt tops and quilts so far.

My comment in the last post about having enough hearts was meant for people who are reading about this appeal for the first time. If you have started to make hearts, please continue and send them. If there are any surplus, they will certainly not be wasted.

And a huge thank you to those lovely generous souls (you know who you are) who have sent me donations of money through Paypal. You are helping make life a bit easier. Bless you.

The photos show a donated quilt top, and today's hearts in the mail.


Julie said...

I've got 6 hearts ready made so I will get them posted to you. I had visions of having to make my own heart-y quilt if I had to keep them ;-) That top quilt is so lovely and what a great assortment of hearts.

Catherine said...

Hi Shirley

I hope my parcel made it down to you with the blocks left over from Quilts For Christchurch.

I now how overwhelming it can be .. .. .. to date I have received enough blocks for 30 quilts and that was not counting the tops. I too was lucky enough to receive a donation of backing.

Good luck - good things will come your way xxx


Marilyn said...

Shirley, I have a parcel of hearts to send - made by the quilting group I belong to. If you do not need them this time around then maybe they will be useful at some other time.
I hope you can get enough help with assembling the quilts - wish I could but distance is a problem, and OS postage too huge.