Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Back into it

Here are 2 lap quilts from Geraldine Patchworkers.
This quilt, and the following 2 are from Jill McCoy of Tauranga- a wonderfully generous donation. Looking at these quilts through a camera lens, I'm constantly reminded of how quilts are like oil paintings - when you view them from a distance, you become so much more aware of the beauty of the designs and colours than you do when looking at them close up.

This quilt, from Jill Pheloung of Katikati, looks quite different when seen like this - the dark diagonals become visible.
A lovely scrappy quilt from Picton Quilting Group.
I think this is from Margaret Knight in Auckland.
This child's quilt is from Jacqueline Foster of Picton. Thanks, everyone!

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Julie said...

Beautiful quilts Shirley. So many talented and generous ladies!