Friday, May 14, 2010

Soaking up the culture in Dublin

This little pub had a gorgeous exterior.
Although many of the the buildings are built in rows, they don't always look the same - as well as different coloured doors, sometimes each building in the row is a different colour.
The statue of Molly Malone is very famous - she has a fine pair of copper breasts on display.
The Natural History Museum has a large and impressive collection of stuffed animals from all around the world - here are a few.
These Giant Deer have been extinct for 7700 years -in Ireland, specimens have been found in peat bogs. These skeletons are huge - the deer were nearly 3 metres tall (10 feet) and the spread of their antlers was up to 3.5 metres (12 feet).


Ali Honey said...

Molly Malone was a brazen lass wasn't she - I guess it attracted clientelle! Amazing skeletons!
great photos! Enjoy it all.

Shirley said...

The locals call her "the tart with the cart"!