Sunday, May 16, 2010

Afternoon tea with a naked man

Sorry, no photos to accompany this post.

I arrived at my first Help Exchange place this afternoon, near Galway in west Ireland. My host is Yvonne, a South African single mother who runs a small garden centre. I was working in the kitchen doing housework (no, really) when a friend of hers arrived to fix something in the bathroom. As Yvonne's landlord does no maintenance on the property, this friend does small repair jobs for her for free. He also likes to take his clothes off whenever possible.

As I turned around from the sink, I was confronted by the sight of a completely naked middle-aged man. Having ascertained that I'd seen it all before and wasn't going to scream the place down, Yvonne made us a cup of tea and we chatted while she went outside to serve some customers.

Apparently, this is not a local custom, just his personal preference. All part of life's rich tapestry, I guess.


Sapphire Dakini said...

Wow! That's taking "plumber's crack" to a whole new level!

Anonymous said...

Oh dear! Maybe ur staying in a naturist place! Lorna!x

Milly said...

Well I suppose if you are to have tea with a man and you have a choice, have tea with a naked man. Certainly makes life more interesting! :-)

loulee said...

LOL Sounds more exciting than my kitchen!