Friday, May 07, 2010

Newport, South Wales

Today I'm in Newport, in the south of Wales, staying with Liz Plummer of Dreaming Spirals. It's always great to get together with a fellow textile artist, and Liz and I both started our blogs in 2005 when there weren't all that many of us, so we have lots of blog friends in common.

No photos from me at this stage, but will take some later when we go out.This photo is one of Liz's works - it's a moleskine journal with a gocco print of Rouen Cathedral superimposed with an angel. Liz does lovely gocco prints of this nature which are a big seller on her Etsy store.

This afternoon, I'm taking the train to Liverpool and staying in the youth hostel overnight before heading off by ferry to the Isle of Man.


The Idaho Beauty said...

Gosh, I think you are so brave to be travel so far alone, even with destinations that include people you know.

Isle of Man? Too early for the motorcycle races and I don't really know what else it is famous for. What do you plan to see?

loulee said...

The Isle of Man has lots to offer, besides a comfy bed for a few nights.The Rally is on just now, we're not ALL about bikes.