Thursday, May 27, 2010

Day out in Exeter

I found a nice little wool shop on my day out in Exeter, and bought this 80% merino, 20% silk skein of laceweight yarn as my next project. It only weighs 100 grams so won't bog down my suitcase. I am thinking of knitting a shawl or a wrap of some kind.
Exeter (population 120,000+) lies on the River Exe.
Ther are charming buildings around the cathedral square.
The cathedral, completed around 1400, is a major tourist drawcard.
The main street has some amazing buildings, like this one...
..and this one next to it. I have no idea what is in them.


loulee said...

Wow! Just catching up on my reading, you sure are getting about. Love some of those quilts in Ireland.

Feather on a Wire said...

My DD is still in Exeter at the moment, you might have seen her...

Julie said...

Exeter is a lovely city, my brother lives and works there. One of the buildings looks as though it houses Lakeland which sells all sorts of supplies for cooking, cleaning, gardening, travel all sorts. Some of their products are excellent for stamping, stencilling and printing ;o) It would be interesting to know how old they really are. The Lakeland store evidently sold clothing in a previous life.

I hope you're enjoying your trip in Europe :o)

Adit Creation said...

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Doespins said...

Hi Shirley,
So you reached my family home of Exeter, wish I was there, haven't seen my sisters for nearly 6 years.
The weather looks a lot better there than the flooding here in Oamaru this week.
Enjoying all your photos.