Sunday, March 28, 2010

Fabric round-up

I know there are quilters who tame their fabric, either restraining it in see-through bins blocks or else displaying it on shelves, all beautifully pressed and sorted into colours.

I am not one of those.

My fabric is allowed to roam free and unfettered, although I do make a token effort to provide it with nesting places in plastic bins. Cameras are certainly not allowed in the vicinity. So when I'm having a sale (like now), I have to muster it up and flatten it into submission in order to send it to its new home. This is what I've been doing this morning to my hand-dyed fabric.

The commercial fabric, to which I do not have the same attachment, is rudely pulled out of its hiding places and stuffed into grab bags. Here are some sitting quietly on the rug.
No danger of extinction here - there is still plenty more upstairs.

And here is the earlier 5 colour piece. Now this, I hasten to assure you, was not done to be used in the piece. Indeed, it's quite ugly when you see it this way. However, it will look a lot better when I've dissected it and stitched it up again.

Watch this space. (If I say that, it will force me to actually DO something with the fabric).

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Julie said...

Ok, I'm watching! lol Don't tempt me with more fabric though :o)