Sunday, March 08, 2009

Post #560

These "living stones" (Lithops) are about to flower. I find these little succulents fascinating.

Updates (because there's nothing new) - Thanks to all of you readers who send messages of support about Grizabella. She continues to get thinner and still wants to hide away but has flashes of her old spirit. I lost her this morning and didn't find her till lunchtime - in the storage cupboard under the stairs. This is not in the "cat" area of the house - there's a kiddy gate across the doorway to keep the cats and dogs separate. Her mother Seven ignores this and jumps over it every day as she mainly lives upstairs, but Griz seldom did. I had not expected her to be anywhere else as she is not strong enough to jump the gate - however, I have discovered that she is so thin, she can pass right through the bars. I don't want to take her on that one way trip to the vets while she continues to show such spirit, so I've cordoned the cupboard off from the dogs and will keep an eye on her. (Did I mention that I had searched the back yard and "cat" area of the house 3 times before finding her?)

The striped mohair wrap from a couple of posts ago is finished, but the photo I took was so out of focus, I didn't post it. Another day!


Julie said...

Lovely lithops! You must have been very worried hunting for your cat. It's amazing how spirited cats can be even at this time. My friend's cat was similarly nearer the end of her time at Christmas but she still had a little chase of a toy on Christmas Day and continued to purr loudly all the while. She was 19 years old and had to make that one way trip a couple of days later.

Nora said...

My lovely Ginther was finding hiding places at the end. One day I had a panic attack when I couldn't find him, not that I couldn't accept his passing but I didn't want him just to crawl off somewhere. I found him in the little cat house he would never use when he was well.
We always "plant" our cats under the roses. My mother did and I have continued the tradition. It is, for me a very peaceful place.

Nora said...

Please post a picture when your little stones bloom. What size are they?