Sunday, March 01, 2009

Finished...sort of

Sometimes the weekends are busier than the weeks. Today I've put together this queen-sized quilt top to send to Australia for the bushfire victims. Some lovely quilters over there will sandwich and quilt it . It's just a simple nine-patch alternating with plain blocks, and I made the blocks large so that it wouldn't take me days to sew it together. As it was, I didn't finish it till 3pm.
And after I finished that, I had to put the last panel on my tutor's quilt for Symposium, so that I could send a photo and the dimensions to the committee who is arranging for them to be hung. This panel has lined up exactly with the middle panel horizontally, which wasn't planned - I'm not sure that I want it like that, but it can stay that way for now.


loulee said...

Your bushfire quilt is lovely. What a generous gift.

Janet said...

that's so thoughtful of you!