Sunday, October 12, 2008

Why stop when you're on a roll?

I came back after lunch and did this second lot. Here they've had 2 rounds of wax and dye and are drying prior to being rinsed in hot water and detergent to remove the wax. I've gone for brighter colours here, and more structured patterns.

Also this morning I wrapped some metal objects in vinegar-soaked fabric to get some more rust-dyed fabric. On the left is a pruning saw blade (the fabric is tied in a circle to save space)along with some other metal bit. On the right is my old favourite, the tyre iron plus 2 pairs of old pliers. I covered them in plastic wrap and put them in the sun. Within a couple of hours, they started to colour up and now look like this. There'll be some dull spaces in the fabric so I may wrap them up a second time as well. Rust never sleeps!


Sophie said...

What a productive day you have had!! I look forward to seeing the rust results when you've unwrapped them - I love rusted fabrics, the colours are fantastic.

I'm also interested in the soy wax thing - how is it different from normal wax? I'll have to google it an find out...

Phyllis said...

Hello from California. I read your post on the Dyers List about Quilting Arts and followed to your blog.
Thanks for sharing. I love Quilting Arts magazine, too. It has turned me from a "quilter" to an "Art Quilter".

I don't have a blog or a website (but I was on Annie Smith's Quilting Podcast once - last May after Quilt Market in Portland, Oregon) but I sure enjoyed seeing your work. I'll visit again to see what you've done.

Phyllis in Sonoma (California)