Saturday, October 04, 2008

....And today

Cass is doing his "I do not want to be photographed" face.


Janet said...

lol I do that same face :-)

Sophie said...

Hahah, I'm with your son - I much prefer being behind the camera than in front.

Jill said...

What lovely children you have Shirley. I hope you are having a wonderful time with them this weekend!w

brdhsbldr said...

Hope you had a lovely birthday.
I'll be "older" on Sunday (59).
Very nice children even if they do have to "endure" their mother's picture taking.

Joyce said...

Just as I thought. Still cute.

Anonymous said...

I am surpried you are allowed to put that photo on your blog. My children ban me from posting photos of them so I have to sneak them on when they are not looking. They still check my blog from time to time and tell me off.

You children are cute though - still.