Saturday, October 25, 2008

Labour Weekend

It's the start of Labour Weekend here in New Zealand (unless you're like me and took yesterday off as well). It originated to celebrate legislation bringing in the 40 hour working week, which the majority of NZers no longer actually work. It's the first public holiday since the start of winter, so it's always a popular holiday. Traditionally the weather is crappy, and this weekend lives up to the tradition, with strong cold winds forecast here for this afternoon.

I took some photos of lovely flowering plants for this post, but failed to notice my camera was set on "manual" so the colours were quite strange. The only one I've kept is this pic of the raised gardens out the back that I've just planted out with things that can tolerate the current weather. I've just bought another big garden, like the one in the foreground, but I'll wait till the weather improves before setting that up. I'm planning to have fresh vegetables all year round, but have also planted scented flowers like stocks and nicotiana in these gardens, so I can enjoy flowers as well.


Ali Honey said...

Have a lovely weekend. I saw the forecast so went out and picked fresh flowers and did some of the garden jobs before the rain started!We are eating our own broad beans but the wind has trashed some.The spudies are almost big enough to tickle.All in all a very busy time of year for us up here.

Judy Sall said...

Shirley, I love your raised gardens! I hope to add some of those to our yard next year...