Sunday, September 21, 2008

Warning - contains asterisks

Indeed. It also contains some good advice.

I've been a bad blogger lately - not so much for not posting, but more for not visiting and commenting on others' blogs. Sorry.

I also do not have a creative bone in my body at present. The well is dry. I can't get enthused over anything fibre-related.

I'm not sure where my head is exactly. I haven't watched TV for the past week as I find all the political news so boring. My job bores me. The garden still holds appeal. Sigh.

Meantime, the Evil Twin has been on Amazon again. I'm...errr..uh....SHE is a sucker for brightly coloured crochet.
Maybe this will help the lack of creativity?
In the meantime, I defer to Mother Nature, who has no problems with producing something lovely. And far better to look at than pickled animal parts.


Sophie said...

I know exactly how you feel. I went through this when I was trying to do some pieces for our exhibition. Couldn't get started, coulded get excited about anything, everything I did do was blah. Those books look interesting. I'd love a review when you've read them. And I love your garden - I just wish I had a garden too but my pots at the fron door will have to suffice.

Webfrau said...

Must be the time of year. I can't get up the energy to anything creative either. Nothing seems to inspire me to action enough. The sun's here now, maybe that will help.

The Idaho Beauty said...

Slumps...they're the pits. Sometimes you just have to go with it and not beat yourself up. Eventually, the excitement returns, when it's good and ready it seems.

brdhsbldr said...

Surely you couldn't be subjected to more politics than we are as of late.
I live 4 miles from the US border and a lot of our TV is American, with their election and then, didn't our Prime Minister call a federal election for us in Canada. Fortunately our system is probably more like yours and the election will be over within just a few weeks.
Your spring looks lovely.I no longer plant tulips as the deer will even eat the bulbs right out of the ground!
Fall officially starts tomorrow but it actually started today with the weather changing overnight from unseasonably warm and sunny to rain and cool. It feels wonderful! It has been so dry so long.

Judy Sall said...

I have periods of creative 'dry-ness', but haven't felt it this year yet. Good thing! I just retired, and want to spend every spare moment playing catch-up! BTW, your garden shots are lovely... I would be spending more time there myself, only the wind has chosen to come back. Happy Autumn(here)!


Janet said...

that book sounds interesting...and the poppy(?) is beautiful! btw, I wore your hat Saturday morning and it kept me so toasty warm :-) Thank you again!

sharon young said...

You can never have too many books, in my opinion :-)
Love the look of the second one, I'd be interested to know what you think of it.
Hope the creative fairy returns soon.

Julie said...

I'm sure it's the time of year, although we're coming into Autumn here not waking up with Spring. I am feeling very flat myself and hoping things will soon turn round. I hope your creative fairy soon returns meanwhile have a good rest and enjoy your garden.

Sheila said...

You get some very interesting books, Shirley. Some days it is just best to read through some inspirational material and just be. The creative side will come. Mine comes in spurts.