Sunday, September 07, 2008

Spring fever

Yesterday was a beautiful spring day. There was snow on the mountains that I can see from upstairs....
..down below, I even put the sun umbrella up so I could sit out on the deck to have my coffee. Note all the plants. And a poodle who just has to be in the act.
Inside, my seedlings are flourishing.
I've been playing with modular knitting. I like this kind - you only have to knit half the squares!
And I'm making myself a lacy scarf from some very fine merino wool.
When the mood strikes me, I'm also starting to knit the sleeves on this merino cardigan. They will have the long rib and cable parts on them too.
And for the piece de resistance - I spent some hours yesterday weeding the vegetable garden, then filling the no-dig gardens with their soil less mix, planting out the strawberries, lettuces, herbs and red onions, and then putting more barley straw down on the rest of the garden. In the foreground you can see the silverbeet on the left,with the large red onions and the fennel at the front. Further back on the right are some blackcurrant canes heeled in while they grow roots. I'm planning to grow things all over those bare fences, but that will take at least another season to achieve.

I love spring.


Bachelor Paul said...


Jill said...

Hi Shirley,

I am constantly amazed at the level of productivity that you achieve. The garden is looking great and I just love your new raised gardens. Keep springing!

Ali Honey said...

It looks like you are going to have a really productive vege garden this Summer - great!

Christine said...

Hi Shirley,
What sort of temperature is it now? (3 weeks & we are there).
I love that modular shawl you're knitting...where is the pattern from?

Fran├žoise said...

Beautiful knitting.
I'm looking forward to seeing the strawberries and lettuces.
Enjoy the nice weather. Here it's almost autumn and the sky is very grey.

Janet said...

Your porch looks so welcoming!

Emmy said...

I hope you have a very great summer
here summer is over and we hade not a great summer
love your knitting

Stell said...

life lines - in lace work or difficult knitting one can thread a fine cotton or linen or silky thread thru the stitches and then knit on (knipics makes this easy - you simply tie a length of thread thru the little tightening hole and knit to the end of the row/round), then if you make a mistake - you can frog back to the life line. you put them in on rows that you know are correct - in some lace work i put them in every repeat or every few rows.