Sunday, August 24, 2008

The Kiwiquilters Challenge - from the archives

I run a quilting email list for NZ quilters called Kiwiquilters. It'll be 10 years this coming January since I started it, and there are now over 500 members. In the early days, there were far fewer of us, and I ran a couple of Challenges. This involved buying some really, really difficult fabric, and each participant received a fat quarter of it. They then had to produce a quilt that was A3 size or less. Below are the entries in the second challenge: "Time Dances On" by Lynda Brocklehurst; "This Challenge For Pisces Hangs In The Balance" by Avril Friend; "Spirals" by Brenda Webber.
"Ouroboros" by Julia Hall; "Magical Mister Mistoffelees" by Pauline Peters; unnamed by Desi van Zijl; "Imagination" by Ruth Blanchett.
"The Ship Drove Fast, Loud Roared The Blast, And Southward Aye We Fled from The Rime of The Ancient Mariner" by Beryl Elliott; "Stars In Mourning" by Clare Crosswell; "Bursts of Starlight" by Derryn Gargiulo.
"Out of Africa" by Roz Porter; "Angel Jade" by Debbie Pettinger; "The Heavens are Telling" by Maughan Davison; "Future Directions" by Lynette Bensdorp.
"Straight On Til Morning" by Debbie Swiatek; "Show Me The Way To Go Home, I'm Tired..." by Jenny Redmond; and unnamed by Jackie Geary.

Prizes were awarded in categories like "Most Interesting Quilting Design", "Best Quilt using Lots of Colours" and so on, so that even beginner quilters could compete against more experienced ones and win prizes.


Pixie said...

gee happy birthday kiwiquilters and well done you! and thanks. I have been in the past a very dedicated member...but I've strayed away. Gee there are some names there I remember well, I bet most are still members too.

Karen said...

Those are some really amazing well done small quilts!