Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Just call me Ma'am

The Canterbury Patchwork and Quilting Guild invited me to be one of the judges of their annual exhibition following my talk to them a few months ago. Clearly, they were desperate to make up the numbers.

Yesterday, I turned up for duty at the Horticultural hall in Christchurch, along with my fellow judges. One was the guest exhibitor, Helen Marshall, a quilter of considerable repute and experience; and the other was Mandy Adams, a local quilter with a background in making dolls and bears.

The show opens to the public today, so I won't post photos of the winning quilts yet. in the meantime, here are a couple of general shots of the hall. You can see how well lit and well laid out it is.


Ali Honey said...

That's quite an honour, but never an easy task. Hope you enjoyed it and the company od your fellow judges.

The venue looks great - all that polished floor!

sharon young said...

Wow!! what an experience and an honour to be chosen. It looks a wonderful venue to show in.
Judith' s cape is awesome!!
And I love the 3-D effect on Gilli's quilt.