Sunday, August 17, 2008

And the gold (and silver and bronze)medal goes to...

Fortunately, some of them have gone to our athletes at last. It seems to take about a week before we get on the medal board. Well done, Valerie Vili (shotput) and the Evers-Swindell twins (rowing) and also to our silver medal cyclist and bronze medal rowers. A special mention goes to Mahe Drysdale, who managed to win bronze despite having a stomach bug all week, and requiring medical attention after the race.

I've been having a bit of a marathon myself this week, in the form of my shrug.It's kni all in one, with a sleeve (opened out), the fronts at the bottom of the photo (curving around to the back of the neck), and the curved back at the top. Currently, I'm coming down sleeve 2. I've dyed some ordinary wool to knit the ribbing that will go all around the fronts and back. I may finish the body of this tonight as I watch some more Olympics.
Soon it'll be spring, my favourite season. I've started growing seeds in my living room - because it's warm and sunny.
These cucumbers were sown just 7 days ago.
And here is Sophie's friend Deney (pronounced Dih-nay). You don't want to mess with Deney, as she's an Oceania judo champion. The girls have been staying with me (when not partying with their friends in the city) since Wednesday, and are flying out tomorrow morning. Sophie refused to be photographed. They are both working on their studies while here.

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Ali Honey said...

Oh wasn't Satuday wonderful for our NZ competitors. Great Kiwis!

I've sown some seeds too. Yours are looking good.