Monday, December 03, 2007


This is Seven (currently perched on the back of my chair). She is a small Manx (tailless) cat - though in her case, she is a "stumpie" - she has a little fluffy stump like a rabbit's tail. Her daughter Grizabella is also tailless, and she is a "rumpie" with no tail bones at all. She is also odd because in cats, colours are sex-linked and normally only males are ginger. You would think that Manxes are disadvantaged by having no tails, as we usually assume tails are used for balance.

Not at all.

Seven (who was actually the seventh cat in the household when she joined it, thank you for asking) is one of the most agile cats I've owned.
This is the view from my upstairs bathroom window. That is roof ALL the way down the ground, garage in the background, with the roof of the dormer window on the right hand side. Daunting, eh?

And here's the roof view from the outside. An A-frame has one heck of a roof.

While Cass and Hattie were here, Cass was using the bathroom when he heard a miaow and Seven's head popped up through the open window. I have a flock of starlings living on my roof and she'd been out to investigate. I had seen her running down the roof on another occasion, but it didn't occur to me that she'd climbed out an upstairs window to do it. She is full of surprises.
And here, for creative content, is the lovely set of beads that Hattie made for me. She works part-time in a bead shop when not studying. What a clever girl!


loulee1 said...

Well, she's a pussy cat, of course she is going to investigate birdies!
LOL You should come here, no one told the cats only males are ginger! There is a ginger around the corner who has had several litters.
Here in their ancestral home we have Manxies of all colours. My Hunney is especially fond in the two little male, black manx cats at the end of the road.
I'm jealous, we're not allowed cats in this apartment. I'd love to get Huney a little black manxie.

Suzi-k said...

that roof is so cute, I love the straight on view with the 2 little dormer windows. Cats are incredible!