Friday, December 21, 2007

The Amazon Christmas Fairy

Look what the Amazon Christmas Fairy has brought me! I've just found them on my doorstep. Yummy!

And in today's mail was this little book, a house-warming gift from my brother.
I'm going to quote from this one when I post. It is silly enough to appeal to my warped sense of humour.

Today's quote: "Your career can be enlivened by the introduction of fish to your living room. Eels can look very attractive bunched in a vase on a side table".



Ali Honey said...

Oh Yuk! I bet they have an appealing aroma too after a few days!

Your new books look'll be able to curl up with a strong drink and have a good old read - Enjoy!

Donald said...

watch those eels - thye're known to travel overland devoid of water at night to reach other rivers!

Anyway Merry Xmas Shirley and enjoy those books.



teodo said...


The Idaho Beauty said...

Both those books are tempting me. But I haven't had a chance to see them in person. I hope you'll share your impressions once you've had time to look them over.

Anonymous said...

I just bought myself the Painted Quilt book. Its an easy read and is inspirational. You will like it.

gonzonoir said...

The Amazon Christmas fairy bought me the Painted Quilt too. It's scrummy! Enjoy Christmas and the New Year.