Friday, December 28, 2007


It's that limbo time between Christmas and New Year. Because it's summer here, most people are on holiday. I have my daughter Sophie and partner Erlo staying for a week. I haven't got any photos of them yet but will post some. In the meantime, here's the DVD they gave me for Xmas. This is typical British humour - weird, smutty and very funny.

And in case you think I'm not doing anything crafty, here's the cardigan I'm knitting. Mine is in 4ply merino in a dark purple (the photo colour is a bit strange, it's darker than this). It's knit on circular needles from the neck down which I haven't done before - I'm now on the long rib and cable part at the bottom. Then I'll pick up the armhole stitches and knit each of the arms on circulars. That just leaves the front band. Then voila! it's finished. No seams to sew!

Today's Dumb Feng Shui quote: " It is bad luck to have two mirrors endlessly reflecting each other, as it might tear a black hole in space, stuff up the space-time continuum and suck your hallway into a parallel universe"


Liz said...

Lovely colour yarn, Shirley... and I love Little Britain - it's quite a cult comedy programme over here. The kids all come out with the catchphrases... I'd hate to be a secondary school teacher having to listen to them all day!!!

Sheila said...

I am anjoying your dumb Feng Shung quotes. What a great color. You have been quite productive. I will have to check out Little Britain on Netflix.

Elizabeth said...

This quote is TOOO funny! My 11 year old has just discovered how cool it is to have two mirrors reflect each other! I must pass this on to her:) !!