Sunday, July 29, 2007

Rainy day blues

I've been up in Christchurch looking for a house and talking to people who may offer me work. It's no small task, pulling together the selling of one home and buying another, especially when they're 250 kms (155 miles) apart. And expecially when you last did all this only 2 years ago. we have rain, which is always welcome as Otago doesn't get too much of it.

Today's photo is a cobweb I saw hanging off my bedroom window covered with tiny droplets.


ra said...

good luck with the move.

joyce said...

Good luck with the buying and selling. Been there, done that, didn't enjoy it much. Hopefully it will all go smoothly.

MargaretR said...

I love the cobweb Shirley. Moving house is very stressful isn't it especially with such a distance between them? I hope you find one you will be happy and homely in very soon.

Mónica. said...

Hi, I'm from Uruguay.
I hope you visit me.
My blog has a button to translate spanish to english.
I'll see you.

Kiss to you.