Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Better weather

The storm has passed, but there's still quite a sea swell. There was surface flooding in tow, especially around the Oamaru Creek; the rural areas were worst hit and the State Highway north was closed.

All is well here however. The painter is here at present, sprucing up the bathroom and toilet which weren't painted last time around, plus some of the door surrounds which were varnished but have had just one coat of paint slapped over them which is now chipping off. I'll also get him to do the front door and the bedroom windows which are wooden - most of the other exterior windowframes are aluminium.

Here's a wee peek at the back of the house which is cuter than the front.


Sheila said...

I love little gardens. Moving is a big proposition. I moved 2 years ago from NJ to Utah about 2,500 miles. It was a big ordeal. Blog about it. We all understand.

Diane D. said...

The back of the house *is* cute. Good luck with your move! I can't imagine all the sorting I'd have to do to accomplish that. We're pulling for you.