Monday, July 16, 2007

Good news and a garter stitich sting ray?

Today I had to go to Dunedin Hospital (about 1 1/2 hours' drive south) to be rescreened following my recent mammogram. Fortunately, today's close-up mammogram was clear, as was the ultrasound they did afterwards to make sure. Whew. It was a real relief, as you can't help but worry. Especially as they tell you nothing till the last minute.

I travelled on the shuttle van, partly becasue of the icy roads and partly in case it was bad news - I didn't want to have to drive home if I was upset. So there was quite a bit of waiting around at the hospital to fit in with the shuttle times.

I took the Baby Surprise with me which was a good idea. Knitting is soothing and it helps keep your mind off things. I have seen this pattern described as " what a sting ray would look like if you made one in garter stitch" - you can see that's quite a good description.

If you can't imagine what it'll look like finished, keep watching this space!


joyce said...

Very glad to hear that your mammogram was clear. I had one done a couple of weeks ago and have heard nothing yet so I think that is good news.

Stell said...

great news!
I'f I had known I would have come over for coffee/tea/whatever. We have had some very icy mornings recently.

Donald said...

Good call re. van to Dunedin Shirley, and very cool that the outcome was good news.

I like the colours in stringray and was reminded how my son had a stringray [which he called Ray] stuffed toy, that was just the bee's knees.It seems to be a shape that can hold a lot of promise, and no matter what the concept once there are eyes and a tail it's heaps of fun, but I presume in your creation there is a higher purpose.

Lorraine said...

So pleased to hear about the clean bill of health.

I've got to try that pattern. It looks so clever.