Sunday, March 25, 2007

A bit of fun

Today I'm making these Magic Card Holders, which can also be Magic Cellphone Holders.

Where's the magic, I hear you ask? The ribbon (or cord, or whatever), goes underneath the cards or phone and is fastened on the inside back. You just pull the ribbon upwards at the front, and the cards (or phone) slides up.

Click on the photo to see more detail - and me in my suit!

I'm making these for a stall I'm having soon at a market, where I need lots of small easily affordable hand crafted items.

Occasionally I even manage to photograph a sunset (all those other photos are sunrises).

This is looking up at my roof, with my cabbage tree on the left and the neigbour's large palm tree on the right. The thing that looks like a weather vane (I had to go outside to check on this!) is actually the side view of my TV receiving dish.

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