Thursday, December 21, 2006

If you don't look at the weeds, the garden is looking wonderful

It's only been a year since I planted most things in my very-neglected garden. This bit by the garden shed was (and still is) a herb garden - you can just see some parsly on the right, plus berry plants on the left. However, I'm doing combination gardening these days - planting flowers and vegetables together where it suits me to do so. I just liked the look of this little rose (climber Bantry Bay, won't always be little) and the delphinium.

The family and I arrived home after midnight so the kids are still all asleep. The weather is pretty cool for this time of year - in fact, it was predicted that there was more likelihood of a white Christmas in Canterbury (where I picked the kids up from the plane) than in London or Japan, due to the unseasonably warm winter in the Northern hemisphere and the rotten cold start to our summer. Oh well, can't control the weather so no sense in stressing! Posted by Picasa


Caitlin said...

So indoctrinated with AA Milne am I thagt I cannot see a delhinium without thinking of the poor patient who just wanted "gernaiums red and delphiniums blue". Very pretty! We plant our flowers and veges together too - more from lack of water than anything else.

Ali Honey said...

Aren't flowers just the best thing! Those look so fresh and clean and bright. Bet they smell great too.
Have a Happy Christmas Shirley. I think it is going to be cold down there ( none too warm here early this morning )