Friday, December 15, 2006

Christmas cactus - and a question

My Christmas cactus is looking great. This plant has travelled around with me from Rotorua in the North Island to Lyttelton and now to Oamaru. It lives outside all year round through frosts and snow (Lyttelton had occasional snow, but none here - rats!).

I am still wrestling with my sock - I knitted right up to the end of turning the heel, then decided that it was too large so I frogged it right back to the ribbing and reduced the number of stitches.

I'm also wrestling with plans for my business for 2007. I know what I want to do, but I'm frustrated by lack of capital (nothing new there) and also how to actually achieve what I want to do. I'm trying to find a source of yarn, but can't get woollen mills to respond to my enquiries.
I have contacted one mill 4 times now, by phone AND email, over the past 5 weeks, and had just 1 email in return. No apologies for the delay in responding either. I told them I wanted to buy so they knew I wasn't just tyre-kicking - how do these people do business?

I always reply within 24 hours to my prospective customers this is by no means common when I'm trying to get an answer from another business. This leads me to my question -if you email a business for information on their products or services, how quickly do you expect a response? Posted by Picasa


Anonymous said...

I always answer within 24 hours even if to say I need more time to get them the full answer. I am a indoor plant killer. My green thumb is only good in the garden and flowers beds outside.

Kate said...

That is one pretty flower, we have a prolific one in a pot also - not as pretty as yours though. All these years I've been calling them Zygocactus but apparently they are classified as Schlumbergera. I think I'll stick to Christmas Cactus.

Webfrau said...

I'd expect a response in 24-48hrs maximum. After 5 weeks I'd assume they weren't interested in doing business and go somewhere else if there was an alternative.

Anonymous said...

pretty colours! Here you can expect to wait 1-3 days. If this is the service you get as a prospective client, trust me you do NOT want to rely on them as a supplier when it is your business' name that will be mud whenever they let you down. Finding reliable suppliers is one of the most stressful parts of setting up a business! Hope you come right.