Saturday, November 18, 2006

Walking in the rain

Unfortunately, the rain didn't stop this morning and so the penny farthing races were cancelled. We need the rain here as it gets very dry in summer, so we're not really complaining. However, the Victorian parade went ahead, though I didn't take any photos of the people in costume walking in it, because I was one of them! I did stop for a while towards the end, though, and take pictures of the men riding the penny farthings, and all the traction engines. Love those steam-powered things! That's Alf's Imperial Army coming in the rear of the first photo. They are not a serious group, and often skip and jump and march backwards.
This is one of the prettier traction engines. The back wheels are about 6 feet (2 metres) high.
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Deb R said...

I love those fabulous old-time bicycles with the huge front wheels!

Shirley Goodwin said...

The penny farthings have no gears and no brakes, Deb!

Catherine said...

I was thinking of coming down for the festival, but it will have to wait for another year. Some of my forbears lived in Oamaru. Where can you get patterns for the costumes? I bought one for a rather plain skirt and blouse, but they are about 1900 vintage - easier to sew but not as fun.
As for your comment about the bustles - well, I guess that they thought big butts were attractive. One of these days people will wonder why anyone would ever wear an uplift bra, or a padded bra - they'll be trying to bind their breasts flat or something. Aaah, the fickleness of fashion!