Sunday, November 12, 2006

Handpainting wool tutorial

The tutorial will be posted in several lots, as Blogger doesn't like more than about 4 photos at a time. If your wool is in balls, put into skeins (I use a spinner's niddynoddy for this) and tie in 4 places. I am using 50 gram (2 oz) skeins here of 4 ply baby wool. Cover your table with plastic.
If your kitchen is being used for other things (like my sourdough bread), do that first and move it out of the way! Soak the skeins in warm water with a wee bit of detergent added, just enough to wet them. This helps the dye to penetrate. You can handpaint the wool dry, but it's a lot more work.
Get your equipment ready. I use disposable plastic cups to mix the dye in, and I paint with foam brushes.
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Barbara said...

Thanks for this tutorial. I found it most helpful and the wool is beautiful. After reading your blog I got brave and tried dyeing my wool with Kool-Aid.