Friday, November 17, 2006

Going Victorian Part 2

Ok, here's the full length view. I'm not sure why the Victorians decided to emphasise women's bottoms with bustles and so on; for heaven's sake, my butt is big enough already. There is a whole Victorian wardrobe here, where I hired this outfit, but I've decided to join the Victorian Sewing Circle and make my own for next year. And a corset!!! I have some patterns, but these outfits are not the sort of thing you can whip up in a weekend. For example, I was going to make myself a can-can skirt (hey, not ALL the Victorians were prim and proper!). I cut the pattern out, and the ruffle piece said "Cut 47". 47 pieces of ruffle! No wonder the pattern takes about 11 yards of fabric. For each layer. I gave up at that point.

Keep watching for more photos from the festival. Posted by Picasa


Anonymous said...

You're so Cute! What fun!

I loved the dyed yarns & the breads. They both looked yummy!

Maureen said...

And aren't you GLAD that we've progressed to "easy-wear" clothes?Imagine doing the laundry whilst all corsetted and bustled VBG

NOT for this gal.......our summers are too hot and humid for all those layers of clothing.

Anonymous said...

Hey! Like the costume, you look terrific! Bustle included.

vict tailor said...

How do you join the Victorian Sewing Group - have you got a name and phone number please. I have been to the Oamaru event 3 times and love it. I would love to set up something here in Canterbury a sewing group and fete. Coments please