Thursday, May 25, 2006


I am not just famed for my prowess in starting quilts and not finishing them -no, not at all!!!! I also knit the same way. Here are bits of my knitting Works In Progress. Upper left is the hand-painted wool you've seen before, where every ball is slightly different; upper right is the body of the cardigan I'm making for my daughter Sophie (and close to finishing the sleeves); lower left is a jacket made from mohair and recycled sari yarn; and lower right is yet another garment for me. I have also started a couple of little jerseys for children in Mongolia that a charity in Australia organises. Posted by Picasa


Maureen said...

Looks like it's WiP Week(note I did NOT say UFOs VBG)
Dont you just love working with Sari yarns?

Gerrie said...

Oh, me too. I also had several needle work things started and not completed that I gave away when we moved recently. It felt so good to get them out of my guilt basket. But my knitting, I won't give away. I can always unknit something and start over!!

Deb H said...

My friend, who 1st got me interested in quilting, said, "You're not really a quilter unless you have at LEAST 6 projects going at once". Maybe the same is true for knitting!