Sunday, May 14, 2006

Hitting new lows

I confess that I haven't created anything in the last couple of weeks, nor finished any of my many WIPs either. Sigh. I would like to imply that I'm in the grip of a creative miasma, because that sounds arty and everyone knows artists are tortured souls, but the actual reasons are far more ordinary. However, this is not a spill-your-guts blog, and we Kiwis don't tend to do that sort of thing anyway, so please bear with me while I fob you off with photos of old work and the landscape until I can get my creativity out of derailment.

This work (completely finished, I might add) hangs in my living room - it needs a long thin space as it's about 5 feet long. While it's not an original design, having been made in a class about 3 years ago, the centre blocks (representing either fern fronds or geysers as the mood strikes me) are my own design, and the stripey border treatment was my idea.

Thanks to those who have enquired about how my ankle is getting on. While I'm now mobile and driving, I still have a considerable limp and my ankle is still noticeably swollen. From a medical and physio viewpoint, it's all going well but I can't sleep without painkillers.

This weekend, I have my lovely daughter Sophie and her lovely boyfriend Erlo (who is one of the family) staying. Extra nice as today is Mothers' Day.


MargaretR said...

despite my promises I'm not doing anything either Shirley, so don't whip yourself.
Have a lovely weekend with the family.

Anonymous said...

I also am a wannabe finisher and whatever but just now I don't have a lot of free space just to go get the stuff that needs to be finished....

The wall quilt is simply gorgeous -it's just as good as seeing new stuff because we ain't seen this stuff anyways :-)

I hope our Mothers Day as has gone well.......not being a Mother it's almost meaningless for me. However at the food hall I did indeed see what appeared to be a lot of mothers dining!

your ankle will no doubt heal in its' own time. I guess once a cast or other bandage item comes off something we expect instant better. In meantime keep up the piccies I enjoy seeing whatever.

And I have taken down my blog as I realised it wasn't what I wanted within it. Maybe start another sometime in the future....


Felicity said...

Thanks Shirley for your comments on my blog! It's funny because I spent ages looking around yours last week and didn't leave any comment but I should have because I love your quilts! I see we read quite a few of the same blogs :)!
BTW I think I would like Kiwis, I don't like those 'reveal all' blogs either - must be my British upbringing!

Valeri said...

You're not alone. I've just spent a couple of weeks in the doldrums and I'm only now catching up on blog reading let alone actually doing anything! Well I dye but that's a given!