Thursday, May 04, 2006

Food of the Day

This is schiacciata con le cipolle rosse e formaggio (part of it, anyway), which translates as schiacciata with roasted red onions and cheese. I baked this yesterday, then cut it into 2 and froze the other half.

It's not really a sourdough, but you make a starter batter which has to ferment for at least 12 hours - mine went 24 hours. And yes, I DID have to toast some up for breakfast today.


Ali Honey said...

That looks yummy, and I bet it is!
I enjoy making bread too. My speciality is focaccia, to which I add sliced black olives and grated parmasan. Like you I freeze half.

Love your star quilt! Alison.

Mary NM USA said...

It certainly does look yummy!! It's making me hungry and I've got a ways to go to dinner.

Here's a neat nutrition site I came across --

It gives just about all the info one could possibly want about foods.

I like the way the colors work in your star quilt -- very nice.

Mary Beth said...

ah a lovely pre-ferment! Looks yummy!

marion said...

Don't suppose the recipe would be forthcoming, would it? I make a nice bread with sour cherries...lovely with cheese. Or without.