Sunday, June 24, 2012

Stepping into ancient footprints

I have become excited by felt, that centuries-old material traditionally used in cold climates for dwellings, coats, boots, blankets and so on. I am seriously considering working with felt for my major project next year - in the final year of my Arts degree, we have to come up with a project that will absorb 3 of our 8 papers.  This project will be lived and breathed throughout that year.  Having discovered that I can do anything I want for this project, I'm researching felt artists to get some idea of what is being done in contemporary felt sculpture.

The above sculptures are the work of Marjolein Dallinga of  She is a Dutch-born artist who now lives in Canada.  She submitted a prize-winning entry in last year's World of wearable Art here in New Zealand (no photo sorry) and has worked for Cirque du Soleil.

What I love about felting, and wool of any kind, is that there is minimal processing required before use, it is organic and renewable, and nothing is wasted.  Wool takes dyes beautifully, and there's nothing I love more than myriads of colour.

Watch this space to see what happens next.  Shortly, I'm off to join a felting group for a day of hands-on creativity.  I'll take the camera.


Ali Honey said...

Amazing photos.( I see something very undersea / marine life about those works )
Using felt is so appropriate for a Kiwi! I use it for the felt embroidered balls I make. It is a forgiving fabric/ medium. I am talking about proper wool felt - the acrylic is no substitute - it falls apart easily.
I look forward to seeing reading what you decide to do.

Razzle Dazzle Quilter said...

What a great idea. I can see your creative juices are flowing!

Nancy J said...

Hi Shirley, will you work with raw fleece, and turn that into a felted piece, or start with wool felt fabric?looking forward to lots of exciting things , and yes, it does flow .Cheers from Jean