Sunday, June 24, 2012

Southern felting group

This group doesn't actually have a name, but the members come from various parts of Southland.  Today there were 6 of us, with a couple of others who popped in but didn't stay.  It was held at the home of Dawn Molloy from Felt 4 U, and she was demonstrating how to make felted baby booties.   Here's some photos from the day:
 Because booties are 3 dimensional, a template that acts as a resist is used.  This will be removed later. Here's one of the other ladies adding carded wool to her template.  Both sides are covered in wool so that both booties are made at once, then they're cut apart and the template is removed.
This is the wool I used for my second pair, laid out in thin layers on the template.
A completed pair.  These had a different colour on the inside.

Bex Pilley from Fanny Blott Designs was doing other stuff, including finishing off this hat.  I'm going to do a hat making class with Bex next month. Yippee!  There are still spaces if you want to come along.
 Sue showed off the fabulous and complex scarf she had made with Shona Schofield....
..while Rhonda modelled the scarf she designed herself.

Altogether a great day.  Can't wait for the next one!  Below are the 2 pairs of booties I made - the turquoise ones are slightly larger.  They've been rinsed and are now drying.


Nancy J said...

Wow!! I can tell by your words that this was such a fun day, will wait for the next installment, and hat photos.Love the little booties too. Cheers from Jean

verobirdie said...

Very inspiring!

Julie said...

Fabulous boottees, they look so comfy!