Sunday, May 27, 2012

Thank you..

..dear readers, for leaping to your keyboards and restoring my faith in blogging.

I've been out and about over the past 24 hours - firstly to the Bluff Oyster Festival.  As well as being NZ's southernmost town and on e that was settled by Europeans very early on in NZ's history, Bluff is most famous for its oysters.
 This was the lineup on stage for the sea-themed fashion show. Some very imaginative costumes.
 On the docks afterwards....
 ...a nice little fishing boat.
 I liked the reflection of the rope in the water...
 ...and of this boat too.

 This morning, I went out to Oreti Beach to take some moody in-the-rain photos but as soon as I decided to do that, the weather improved.
 There had been quite a bit of rain during the night, and even a touch of snow on the hills.
I always like seascapes with a bird in them.  Click on photos to enlarge them.


Nancy J said...

I read, I enjoy, and I must comment,your photos show snow already,I had to look up the map book to see where it would be, is it towards Tuatapere? Hugh's Grandfather grew up and later worked a flax mill there.Cheers from Jean

loulee said...

There's something about reflections on water.

Ali Honey said...

I just came by to say hello. I have a little computer time this morning and so I am catching up on friend's blogs that may have not been commented on, by me at the time they were posted. Your photos are looking good. Hope you are enjoying your course.
Cheers from up north.

verobirdie said...

Hi Shirley
I'm sending you an award...